What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a mod that lets you use the BF2 engine to build structures, set up racetracks, ramps, and much much more. This is all done from an easy Command Rose interface in-game. There are a variety of objects to choose from when building a creation - and once you're done, you can save it and send it to your friends. Multiplayer support is also included so many players can collaboratively construct buildings, have wars, hit each other with barrels, and anything else they can imagine!


Sandbox was first conceived during the development of some Battlefield 2 server-side modifications. On the Sir. Community stunting server, the original Sandbox developers coded scripts for random fun things in Battlefield 2. Around the start of June, they discovered a way to dynamically spawn objects on BF2 servers, allowing players to place vehicles/explosives anywhere on the map. This, coupled with the additional development of a way to modify the command rose in BF2, birthed the first version of BF2:Sandbox.

Since then, five major versions of Sandbox have been released over the past three years. Thanks to its enthusiastic and active fanbase, Sandbox has been able to maintain a steady amount of players online for the majority of this time period, with no signs of a slowdown.

The Sir. Community